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Rutland Select Cotton White - NPT EH9060

€ 25,00 (exclusief btw 21%)
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Productcode 363-995

Rutland Cotton White is an easy printing opaque white resulting in great coverage on dark garments. The low tack formula allows printing through finer mesh counts without the need for a viscosity modifier. This white has great opacity and fiber mat down with a creamy consistency that produces soft prints with low after flash tack. This ink is easy to print with excellent performance.

Can be used as a stand-alone as well as an underlay ink.


  • Use as an underlay where good opacity is needed or as a stand-alone white.
  • Creamy, short body plastisol for easy printing.
  • High performance white for 100% Cotton.
  • User friendly, no viscosity modifiers necessary.
  • Will not cause ghost on 100% cotton.
  • Non-phthalate.


  • Use straight from the container.
  • May be printed through a mesh ranging from 86 to 305 T/inch (34 to 120 T/cm) without modification of the viscosity.
  • The tack-free formulation allows increased coverage; therefore use finer mesh counts for the softest hand and good opacity.


Do not dry clean, bleach, or iron the printed image.


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